Niina Hanhinen
 FM / MA

Department of Comparative Literature


ORCID identifier

Instagram: niina_hanhinen_art_research

Areas of expertise
motion; iconotext; photograph; cultural memory; frames; arts-based research


I am a member in the research centre SELMA Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory and the thematic collaboration in Cultural Memory and Social Change in the Turku University.


My research focuses on photographs, motion, and ambivalence in iconotexts.The theoretical and methodological framework includes phenomenological hermeneutics, theories of representation, iconotexts, comics, and photography, and arts-based research practice (photography).

The research material consists of a graphic memoir Heimat. A German Family Album (2018) by Nora Krug, a graphic novel Kannas / The Isthmus (2016) by Hanneriina Moisseinen and three novels - Schwindel. Gefühle / Vertigo (1990), Die Ausgewanderten: Vier lange Erzählungen / The Emigrants (1992), and Austerlitz (2001) - by W. G. Sebald.



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