Sami Jouttijärvi
PhD (tech.)

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
Renewable energy; Bifacial photovoltaics; Energy network modelling; Solar cells; Fuel cells


I was born in 1991 in Vantaa, Finland and studied Engineering Physics in Aalto University School of Science. I got my Master's Degree in 2016 (Major: Advanced Energy Systems) and Doctoral Degree in 2020 (Major: Engineering Physics). I have a vast experience on renewable energy and energy systems from his studies and work experience.

Currently, I am working at Univeristy of Turku in Solar Energy Materials and Systems -research group as University Teacher (until 28.2.2022). From 1.3., I will start independent research on "Novel bifacial solar panels as a part of future energy system", funded by Emil Aaltonen Foundation.


My research focuses on utilizing bifacial photovoltaics to improve the match between solar electricity production and electricity consumption in Nordic conditions. The aim of my reserarch is to allow a higher share of solar energy in the power grid. Overall I am interested in the energy transition from fossil fuel based system to renewable energy sources, including both studying different clean energy sources and their integration to the energy network.


Teacher in courses MTEK0015 Solar Energy Engineering (Autumn 2021) and MTEK0002 Materiaalitekniikka 2 (Spring 2022). Planning and teaching in student laboratory sessions integrated to freshmen courses.


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