Benjamin Fuchs

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Areas of expertise
Multi-trophic levels
Plant-insect interactions
Plant chemical defense
Fungal endophytes
Sustainable Pestcontrol


- 2019-  Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Turku, Biodiversity Unit

- 2017-2019  Research Associate, Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Applied

- 2013-2016  PhD, University of Würzburg Department of Animal Ecology

- 2006-2012  Biology Diploma (MSc), University of Würzburg


Multi-trophic and multi-species interactions are urgently needed to ultimately understand and efficiently implement natural systems into integrated pest control.

My work focuses on the interaction and chemical signalling between systemic fungal endophytes, their grass host, herbivorous insects and predatory insects. I focus on biocontrol mechanisms in a multi-trophic approach where I study both,

(1) how biotic and abiotic factors affect endophyte growth and the production of defensive metabolites, and

(2) how fungal plant symbionts shape the biotic interactions around their host grass.

Residues of agro-chemicals are reported in soils from diverse environments, but the effects on plant physiology and consequences for species interactions are largely unknown. My work uncovers the effect of herbicide residues on 

(3) plant physiological and biochemical processes (phytohormones, defense metabolites, volatiles) and cascading effects on

(4) interactions between plants, herbivorous insects and their enemies.


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