Moammar Dayoub
 Senior Researcher

+358 29 450 2794

+358 41 492 0642

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Areas of expertise
Smart Agriculture, Co-Designing Grass-root mobile climate services, Farming Systems, ICT for Agricultural Development, Gender, Socio-Economic studies and Participatory Approach, Economic Feasibility studies in Agriculture.


I received my Ph.D. in Economy and Management of a National Economy in 2005 (Agriculture Economics). I served as the Head of Centre Salamieh for Scientific Agricultural Research. Interested in research on conservation agriculture, water harvesting, smart agriculture, and animal improvement. My interests are focused on the Adoption of new agricultural technology, impact assessment, evaluation, marketing, and feasibility in Agriculture. Before that, I was the director of the socioeconomic study administration in GCSAR. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of computing at the University of Turku. I am working on the project: UAS (Drone) University Collaboration Network, UCNDrone
The primary objective is to create a new nationally comprehensive network focusing on the training and research of technologies related to unmanned aerial vehicle systems. In education, we identify the competence needs of companies and develop teaching according to needs, taking into account students' ability to create new business. In research, strengthening the network's stakeholder activities creates the conditions for joint projects and more effective research in Finland and the EU.


Project: Design Mobile climate services for small-scale farmers.

Project: UAS (Drone) University Collaboration Network, UCNDrone


Teaching field in agricultural economics, Natural Resource Economics, Animal production Economics, agricultural extension, marketing, accounting, farm management, and Feasibility studies.

I am teaching a course at the University of Turku: Inclusive Innovation in the Global South


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