Ethel Ewoh-Odoyi
 Doctoral Researcher

  • Doctoral ResearcherEntrepreneurship (Department of Management and Entrepreneurship)

Management and Entrepreneurship

ORCID identifier

Areas of expertise
Entrepreneurship & Gender and Public policy Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Labour market


Ethel holds an MSc degree
in Entrepreneurship and Family business from the University of Jyväskylä Finland. Presently, she is a Ph.D. candidate at Turku University (Finland). Her areas of expertise include: Gender and Entrepreneurship, Gender and Public policy, Family-business, Entrepreneurship, and Labour market


Presently, Ethel is working on public policy programs and initiatives in Subsahara
Africa. Her project aims to investigate the impacts of government policy on the development of women in Sub-Sahara
Africa. In achieving the goal of the existing project, she has been working and has collected data’s that seems useful to the research by employing theoretical approaches such as qualitative research methodology in exploring document analysis. At the moment, Ethel has done the analysis of two research articles ready for publication in 2021.


Ethel has an interest in teaching. She has got some teaching experience from Aalto University Finland where she was involved in some teaching workshops. In the future, I will be more involved in teaching and knowledge sharing.


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