Amleset Kelati

Department of Computing,, Smart Systems

ORCID identifier:

Areas of expertise
IoT, Security for Communications System, Machine Learning ,Smart gird , System-on-Chip, DSP, embedded system and Embedded HW security, Wireless communications systems, RFIC / ASIC / FPGA design, Verification and Integration,


Amleset kelat is a PHD student at the Departmennt of Computing, Electronics and smart system lab at the  University of Turku , Finland. Her research interests include on Ultra-low power (ULP) wirelessly networked embedded processor for sensing systems. Her interest lies in establishing a heterogeneous embedded system, a mix general purpose processor for special purpose computing engines and sensor erelated to health technology.. Her main expertis is programming, signal processing and machine learning skills and HW implementation. She has working experience from interdisciplinary researchs.

Her research is also in the area of parallel algorithm design and implementation´of heterogeneous parallel computing on multicores, GPUs, FPGAs. Experianced in monitoring HPC applications using hardware for ML applications on middleware for the cloud big data applications.    

This includes the development of the actual embedded platform for health and well-being with Internet of things.


I belong to (IoT4Health Research Group) at Embedded Electronics lab. The main focus of my Ph.D. research is to develop
architecture for Internet of Things (IoT) platform that can be used for monitoring e
health by wearable’s and by Smart grid technology.  The target is not only to develop the
architecture and prototype but also design and implementations of reliable tools for
monitoring of an e health system that determine and detect the vital sign of
health conditions of patients.


Embedded Hardware Design in ASIC and FPGA .

DSP-Design with HDL

Digital Design

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