Deepankar Chakroborty

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Areas of expertise
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR), EGFR family; Receptor Tyrosine Kinases; Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors; Cancer; Cancer Biology; Bioinformatics; Functional Genomics; R statistical programming; Therapeutic resistance; High -throughput screen


I am a Doctoral student in the Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine. I have a background in biotechnology and bioinformatics. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD under the joint supervision of Prof. Klaus Elenius and Dr. Laura Elo.


Efforts of functional characterization of cancer-associated somatic mutations in oncogenes have been largely incomprehensive because they do not encompass the large majority. I have developed a pipeline to analyze thousands of variants of an oncogenic kinase gene in a single assay, I call iSCREAM (in vitro SCReen for Activating Mutation). We are developing the iSCREAM workflow to preemptively identify and characterize on-target secondary mutations that can cause therapeutic resistance, and then subsequently identify therapies that would potentially work for those resistant mutations.


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