Raita Merivirta
PhD, Docent

European and World History; Department of English


Arcanuminkuja 1


Areas of expertise
Colonialism, postcolonial literature, Indian English literature, modern Indian history, historical film, Irish cinema, twentieth-century Irish history, Finns and colonialism


I'm a postdoctoral researcher, funded by the Academy of Finland, (9/2019-8/2022) at the Department of European and World History. My research project is entitled "Colonialist Discourse at the Northern Periphery: Circulation of British Imperialist Children’s Literature in Finland and Its Impact on Finnish Children’s Literature, 1880-1970". I am also more broadly interested in Finnish encounters with colonialism.


In my current Academy of Finland research project I examine colonial discourse and racialization in Finnish children's literature in 1890-1970. I'm also working more broadly on themes related to Finns' encounters with colonialism and have just co-edited a volume on Finnish Colonial Encounters (forthcoming 2021).

I'm also working on a number of articles on Irish cinema, focusing on Thatcher and the 1981 hunger strikes and on the depictions of the Irish revolutionary years (1916-1923) on screen.


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