Lauri Nikkanen
 PhD, Docent (Adjunct professor)

Tykistökatu 6



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Photosynthetic microbes

Areas of expertise
Cyanobacteria; electron transfer pathways depending on Flv-proteins; redox regulation in cyanobacteria and in plant chloroplasts; photosynthesis; protein-protein interactions


I obtained my MSc degree in Cell and molecular biology at the Department of Biology in University of Turku in 2013, and my PhD from the Department of Biochemistry in University of Turku in 2018, working at the laboratory of Molecular plant biology under supervision of Prof. Eevi Rintamäki. I also have a bachelor's degree in International Business and Marketing logistics from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (2008).


I am a post-doctoral researcher in the research group led by Yagut Allahverdiyeva at the laboratory of molecular plant biology. I study the function and regulation of alternative electron transfer pathways of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria.

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