A1 Journal article – refereed
Fuzzy liquid analysis by an array of nonspecifically interacting reagents: The taste of fluorescence

List of Authors: Pekka E Hänninen, Joonas J Siivonen, Pave I Väisänen, Satu A Tiittanen, Mirva M Lehmusto, Timo Teimonen, Niklas Törnkvist, Mari A Sandell, Antti J Knaapila, Paul Mundill, Harri J Härmä
Publisher: The Americal Chemical Society
Publication year: 2013
Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal name in source: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal acronym: JAOCS
Number in series: 20
Volume number: 135
Issue number: 20
Number of pages: 4
ISSN: 0002-7863

Complex or unknown liquid analysis requires extensive instrumentation and laboratory work; simple field devices usually have serious limitations in functionality, sensitivity, and applicability. This communication presents a novel, effective, and simple approach to fingerprinting liquids. The method is based on nonspecific interactions of the sample liquid, a long lifetime luminescent europium label, and various surface modulators in an array form that is readily converted to a field analysis μTAS system. As compared to existing e-nose or e-tongue techniques, the method is unique both in terms of sensitivity and usability, mainly due to the well-known unique properties of the europium label. This communication demonstrates the use of this new method in distinguishing different wines, waters, alcohols, and artificially modified berry juices.

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