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Training the Future ICT Innovators on Open Science Platform

List of Authors: A. Kondoro, D. Rwegasira, I. Ben Dhaou, A. Kelati, D. Naiman, H. Tenhunen, N. Mvungi, V. Taajamaa
Publication year: 2017
Book title *: EDULEARN17 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-84-697-3777-4
ISSN: 2340-1117


Due to
changes in the market positions of old companies caused by innovation in
technologies, services, business concepts and global challenges faced by
nations in terms of climate and safety, academic systems in Europe have started
to look into new pedagogical models and strategic partnerships. The new systems
that connect research, education and innovation can offer unique opportunities
to explore different solutions that were not possible before. In this paper, we
present concrete experiences and directions for creating innovative learning
environments with stronger impact and excitement to all stakeholder involved.
We describe a new approach that relies on three fundamental concepts: strong
commitment and support of open science, challenge driven education model and
physical co-location of partners. We give examples of applications of this
approach and discuss various aspects that are involved.

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