A1 Journal article – refereed
Simple nanoparticle-based luminometric method for molecular weight determination of polymeric compounds

List of Authors: Sari Pihlasalo, Maria Virtamo, Nicolas Legrand, Pekka Hänninen, Harri Härmä
Publication year: 2014
Journal: Analytical Chemistry
Journal name in source: Analytical chemistry
Journal acronym: Anal Chem
Volume number: 86
Issue number: 2
Number of pages: 7
ISSN: 1520-6882
eISSN: 1520-6882

A nanoparticle-based method utilizing time-resolved luminescence resonance energy transfer (TR-LRET) was developed for molecular weight determination. This mix-and-measure nanoparticle method is based on the competitive adsorption between the analyte and the acceptor-labeled protein to donor Eu(III) nanoparticles. The size-dependent adsorption of molecules enables the molecular weight determination of differently sized polymeric compounds down to a concentration level of micrograms per liter. The molecular weight determination from 1 to 10 kDa for polyamino acids and from 0.3 to 70 kDa for polyethylene imines is demonstrated. The simple and cost-effective nanoparticle method as microtiter plate assay format shows great potential for the detection of the changes in molecular weight or for quantification of differently sized molecules in biochemical laboratories and in industrial polymeric processes.

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