Antti Hakkala

University teacher, Communication Systems (Department of Future Technologies)
+358 29 450 6100
+358 50 563 1759

Vesilinnantie 5
Office: 454C

Areas of expertise
Cryptography, biometrics, computer and network security, wireless network security (802.11 WLAN, RFID, sensor networks), privacy.

I am a researcher interested in cryptography, privacy issues in the networked world, biometrics and biometric passports, and security design in hardware, software and networks.


CoDRA: Context-based dynamically reconfigurable access control system for android (2018)
Journal of Network and Computer Applications
Kumar Thanigaivelan N., Nigussie E., Hakkala A., Virtanen S., Isoaho J.
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

Security, Privacy'); DROP TABLE users; -- and Forced Trust in the Information Age? (2017)
Antti Hakkala, Olli I. Heimo, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Kai K. Kimppa
(O2 Other)

Towards adaptive cryptography and security with software defined platforms (2016)
Hakkala A., Isoaho J., Virtanen S.
(A3 Book chapter)

Defining and measuring key expertise areas in information security for engineering students (2015)
Antti Hakkala, Jouni Isoaho
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

Virtualization of laboratory education in network security engineering (2015)
Antti Hakkala, Seppo Virtanen
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

Energy-aware adaptive security management for wireless sensor networks (2014)
Ethiopia Nigussie, Antti Hakkala, Seppo Virtanen, Jouni Isoaho
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

Specification Analysis for Secure RFID Implants (2014)
International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering
Sanaz Rahimi Moosavi, Antti Hakkala, Johanna Isoaho, Seppo Virtanen, Jouni Isoaho
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

How to abuse biometric passport systems (2012)
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
Heimo OI, Hakkala A, Kimppa KK
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

Incubator Platform for Multidisciplinary Innovation in Research and Education (2012)
Nigussie E, Guang L, Boyko A, Hakkala A, Sainio P, Virtanen S, Isoaho J
(A1 Journal article – refereed)

University-Industry Collaboration in Network Security Education for Engineering Students (2012)
Hakkala A, Virtanen S
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

Accelerating Cryptographic Protocols: A Review of Theory and Technologies (2011)
Hakkala Antti, Virtanen Seppo
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

The Problems With Security and Privacy in EGovernment - Case: Biometric Passports in Finland (2011)
Heimo OI, Hakkala A, Kimppa KK
(A4 Article in conference proceedings)

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