Ephraim Daka
Master of Economic Sciences

Doctoral Student, International Business (Department of Marketing and International Business)


Turku School of Economics

Areas of expertise
Innovation processes; Research & Analysis; Feasibility studies: International Development Projects: Renewable Energy/Clean Technology Transfer: Climate Change Finance; Natural Resource Management; Research Project Management Lifecycle.


Ephraim Daka has
extensive experience in multi-disciplinary program management including within
the Southern African region. He got his masters of economic sciences from Åbo Akademi
University, Finland and currently a Doctoral candidate within the department of International Business at Turku School of
Economics, Finland. His PhD research is in Clean Technology Transfer for Climate Change mitigation.  Ephraim, worked as a Research Scientist on Innovation system and knowledge economy in VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland, his work included research
project management in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), for VTT project in Southern Africa, case
studies in qualitative research. He has also worked as consultant for development cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The PhD research project tries to investigate the human factor related adoption of clean  technology and its effectiveness on rural communities in the context of developing countries. To understand how much is clean technology helping in reducing emission and the environment. It further looks in the international technology transfer phenomenon based on North-South Model.


I have minimal experience in teaching but can lead a class or group on targeted tasks.

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