Michael Briga

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Department of Biology)



Baseline glucose level is an individual trait that is negatively associated with lifespan and increases due to adverse environmental conditions during development and adulthood (2018)
Journal of Comparative Physiology B
Montoya B, Briga M, Jimeno B, Moonen S, Verhulst S
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Male but not female zebra finches with high plasma corticosterone have lower survival (2018)
Functional Ecology
Jimeno B, Briga M, Hau M, Verhulst S
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Effects of developmental conditions on glucocorticoid concentrations in adulthood depend on sex and foraging conditions (2017)
Hormones and Behavior
Jimeno B, Briga M, Verhulst S, Hau M
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Individual variation in metabolic reaction norms over ambient temperature causes low correlation between basal and standard metabolic rate (2017)
Journal of Experimental Biology
Briga M, Verhulst S
A1 Journal article – refereed)

What have humans done for evolutionary biology? Contributions from genes to populations (2017)
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Briga M, Griffin RM, Berger V, Pettay JE, Lummaa V
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

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