Akira Takeda

Postdoctoral Researcher, MediCity Research Laboratory (Faculty of Medicine)

+358 29 450 4383
Tykistökatu 6


Clever-1 contributes to lymphocyte entry into the spleen via the red pulp (2019)
Science Immunology
Tadayon S, Dunkel J, Takeda A, Halle O, Karikoski M, Gerke H, Rantakari P, Virtakoivu R, Pabst O, Salmi M, Hollmen M, Jalkanen S
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Two-photon imaging of t-cell motility in lymph nodes: In vivo and ex vivo approaches (2018) Intravital Imaging of Dynamic Bone and Immune Systems Akira Takeda, Masayuki Miyasaka, Eiji Umemoto
A3 Book chapter)

The molecular cues regulating immune cell trafficking (2017)
Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B Physical and Biological Sciences
Takeda A, Sasaki N, Miyasaka M
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

Fibroblastic reticular cell-derived lysophosphatidic acid regulates confined intranodal T-cell motility (2016)
Takeda A, Kobayashi D, Aoi K, Sasaki N, Sigiura Y, Igarashi H, Tohya K, Inoue A, Hata E, Akahoshi N, Hayasaka H, Kikuta J, Scandella E, Ludewig B, Ishii S, Aoki J, Suematsu M, Ishii M, Takeda K, Jalkanen S, Miyasaka M, Umemoto E
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Lysophosphatidic acid as a regulator of lymphocyte trafficking in the lymph nodes (2015)
Translational Cancer Research
Takeda A, Umemoto E, Miyasaka M
A2 Review article in a scientific journal)

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