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Quantitation of regional cerebral blood flow corrected for partial volume effect using O-15 water and PET: I. Theory, error analysis, and stereologic comparison
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Iida H, Law I, Pakkenberg B, Krarup-Hansen A, Eberl S, Holm S, Hansen AK, Gundersen HJG, Thomsen C, Svarer C, Ring P, Friberg L, Paulson OB
Quantitative assessment of regional myocardial blood flow using oxygen-15-labelled water and positron emission tomography: a multicentre evaluation in Japan
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Iida H, Yokoyama I, Agostini D, Banno T, Kato T, Ito K, Kuwabara Y, Oda Y, Otake T, Tamura Y, Tadamura E, Yoshida T, Tamaki N
Quaternary structure and metal ion requirement of family II pyrophosphatases from Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus gordonii, and Streptococcus mutans
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Parfenyev AN, Salminen A, Halonen P, Hachimori A, Baykov AA, Lahti R
Quantitation of erbB2 positivity for evaluation of high-risk patients.
Jalava, Kuopio, Kortelainen, Kronqvist, Collan
Quasiregular mappings and WT-classes of differential forms on riemannian manifolds
Pacific Journal of Mathematics
Franke D., Martio O., Miklyukov V., Vuorinen M., Wisk R.
Quantification in SPECT cardiac imaging
Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Iida H, Hayashi T, Eberl S, Saji H
Quantum theory of heating of a single trapped ion
Physics Letters A
Intravaia F, Maniscalco S, Piilo J, Messina A
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