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‘Sandwich generation’: generational transfers towards adult children and elderly parents
Journal of Family Studies
Hans Hämäläinen, Antti O. Tanskanen
‘There's more to a person than what's in front of you’: Nursing students’ experiences of consumer taught mental health education
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Happell B., Waks S., Bocking J., Horgan A., Manning F., Greaney S., Goodwin J., Scholz B., van der Vaart K.J., Allon J., Granerud A., Hals E., Doody R., Russell S., Griffin M., MacGabhann L., Lahti M., Ellilä H., Pulli J., Vatula A., Platania-Phung C., Bjornsson E., Biering P.
‘My heart was already cooked’: girl soldiers and situated moral agencies
Cambridge Review of International Affairs
Vaha Milla Emilia, Vastapuu Leena
‘We are the eyes and ears of researchers and community’: understanding the role of community advisory groups in representing researchers and communities in Malawi
Developing World Bioethics
Nyirenda Deborah, Sariola Salla, Gooding Kate, Phiri Mackwellings , Sambakunsi Rodrick , Moyo Elvis,
Bandawe Chiwoza, Squire Bertie, Desmond Nicola
‘‘Generality of mis-fit’’? The real-life difficulty of matching scales in an interconnected world
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment
E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Tim Horstkotte, Sonja Kivinen, Bruce Forbes, Jukka Käyhkö
‘Parliamentarisation’ of the CFSP: Wishful Thinking or a Rational Choice?
Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy
Oleksandr Moskalenko
‘Pervy role-play and such’ – Girls' experiences of sexual messaging online
Sex Education
Nielsen Silja, Paasonen Susanna, Spisak Sanna
‘Hold the Heathen Hammer High’: representation, re-enactment and the construction of ‘Pagan’ heritage
International Journal of Heritage Studies
Ashby Steven P., Schofield John
‘Consent rituals’ in evaluation of coercive care
Evidence-Based Mental Health
Marianna Purgato, Maritta Välimäki, Richard Whittington, Andrew Clifton, Evandro S F Coutinho, Gisele Huf, Prathap Tharyan, Clive E Adams
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