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A 12-month exercise intervention decreased stress symptoms and increased mental resources among working adults – Results perceived after a 12-month follow-up
International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health
Kettunen O, Vuorimaa T, Vasankari T
A 12-year Trend of Psychological Distress: National Study of Finnish University Students
Central European Journal of Public Health
Oksanen A, Laimi K, Bjorklund K, Loyttyniemi E, Kunttu K
A 13-year follow-up of Finnish patients with Salla disease
Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Paavola LE, Remes AM, Harila MJ, Varho TT, Korhonen TT, Majamaa K
A 1500-year multiproxy record of coastal hypoxia from the northern Baltic Sea indicates unprecedented deoxygenation over the 20th century
Sami A. Jokinen, Joonas J. Virtasalo, Tom Jilbert, Jérôme Kaiser, Olaf Dellwig, Helge W. Arz, Jari Hänninen, Laura Arppe, Miia Collander, Timo Saarinen
A 2D model for CO2/fuel multiphase flow on the anode side fo a DMFC
Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology
Zheng Wukui, Suominen Arho, Lagercrantz Henrik, Tuominen Aulis
A 3.15pJ/cyc 32-bit RISC CPU with timing-error prevention and adaptive clocking in 28nm CMOS
Markus Hiienkari, Jukka Teittinen, Lauri Koskinen, Matthew Turnquist, Mikko Kaltiokallio, Jani Mäkipää, Arto Rantala, Matti Sopanen
A 35-year Follow-up Study on Burnout among Finnish Employees
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
Hakanen J, Bakker A, Jokisaari M
A 365 nm UV LED-excitable antenna ligand for switchable lanthanide luminescence
Susanne Lahdenperä, Qi Wang, Jiri Vainio, Tero Soukka
A 3-year follow-up after anterior colporrhaphy compared with collagen-coated transvaginal mesh for anterior vaginal wall prolapse: a randomised controlled trial
BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Rudnicki M, Laurikainen E, Pogosean R, Kinne I, Jakobsson U, Teleman P
A 512×512-cell associative CAM/Willshaw memory with vector arithmetic
Mika Laiho, Jonne Poikonen, Eero Lehtonen, Mikko Pänkäälä, Jussi Poikonen, Pentti Kanerva
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