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Cancer patients' perceptions of quality-of-care attributes—Associations with age, perceived health status, gender and education
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Suhonen R, Stolt M, Berg A, Katajisto J, Lemonidou C, Patiraki E, Sjövall K, Charalambous A
Cancer incidence and cause-specific mortality in patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements in Finland
Acta Orthopaedica
Mäkelä KT, Visuri T, Pulkkinen P, Eskelinen A, Remes V, Virolainen P, Junnila M, Pukkala E
Cancer in children and young adults born after assisted reproductive technology: a Nordic cohort study from the Committee of Nordic ART and Safety (CoNARTaS)
Human Reproduction
Karin Jerhamre Sundh, Anna-Karina A. Henningsen, Karin Källen, Christina Bergh, Liv Bente Romundstad, Mika Gissler, Anja Pinborg, Rolv Skjaerven, Aila Tiitinen, Ditte Vassard, Birgitta Lannering, Ulla-Britt Wennerholm
Cancer during pregnancy: two case studies
Infant Mental Health Journal
Schmitt F, Jyrkkiö S, Tamminen T, Piha J
Cancer Death Risk Related to Radiation Exposure from Computed Tomography Scanning Among Testicular Cancer Patients
Anticancer Research
Eeva Salminen, Hannele Niiniviita, Hannu Järvinen, Sirpa Heinävaara
Cancer-Cell-Specific Induction of Apoptosis Using Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Drug-Delivery Vectors
Rosenholm JM, Peuhu E, Bate-Eya LT, Eriksson JE, Sahlgren C, Linden M
Cancer-associated fibroplasts induce matrix metalloproteinase-medicated cetuximab resistance in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells
Molecular Cancer Research
Johansson A-C, Ansell A, Jerhammar F, Lindh MB, Greman R, Munck-Wikland E, Östman A, Roberg K
Cancer-associated fibroblasts, a parameter of the tumor microenvironment, overcomes carcinoma-associated parameters in the prognosis of patients with mobile tongue cancer
Oral Oncology
Bello Ibrahim O, Vered Marilena, Dayan Dan, Dobriyan Alex, Yahalom Ran, Alanen Kalle, Nieminen Pentti, Kantola Saara, Läärä Esa, Salo Tuula
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