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Can embedded space system development benefit from agile practices?
EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems
Kaisa Könnölä, Samuli Suomi, Tuomas Mäkilä, Ville Rantala, Teijo Lehtonen
CANDLES Assay for monitoring GPCR induced cAMP generation in cell cultures
Cell Communication and Signaling
Trehan A, Rotgers E, Coffey ET, Huhtaniemi I, and Rivero-Müller A
Candidate genes for colour and vision exhibit signals of selection across the pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) breeding range
Lehtonen PK, Laaksonen T, Artemyev AV, Belskii E, Berg PR, Both C, Buggiotti L, Bures S, Burgess MD, Bushuev AV, Krams I, Moreno J, Magi M, Nord A, Potti J, Ravussin PA, Sirkia PM, Saetre GP, Winkel W, Primmer CR
Candida dubliniensis spondylodiscitis in an immunocompetent patient – Case report and review of the literature
Medical Mycology Case Reports
Oksi J, Finnilä T, Hohenthal U, Rantakokko-Jalava K
Candida antarctica Lipase B in a Chemoenzymatic Route to Cyclic ?-Quaternary ?-Amino Acid Enantiomers
European Journal of Organic Chemistry
Li Xiang-Guo, Rantapaju Maria, Kanerva Liisa T
Candida albicans aspects of novel silane system-coated titanium and zirconia implant surfaces
Clinical Oral Implants Research
Villard N, Seneviratne C, Tsoi JKH, Heinonen M, Matinlinna J
Can Dark Silicon Be Exploited to Prolong System Lifetime?
IEEE Design and Test
Haghbayan MH, Rahmani AM, Liljeberg P, Jantsch A, Miele A, Bolchini C, Tenhunen H
Can computing academics assess the difficulty of programming examination questions?
Journal- ACM
Simon, Daryl Dsouza, Judy Sheard, James Harland, Angela Carbone, Mikko-Jussi Laakso
Can changes in parentally measured acoustic reflectometry levels predict the middle ear status?
International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Nora Erkkola-Anttinen, Miia K. Laine, Paula A. Tähtinen, Aino Ruohola
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