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Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Hydromorphone in Cardiac Surgery Patients during Postoperative Pain Therapy.
Jeleazcov C, Saari TI, Ihmsen H, Mell J, Fröhlich K, Krajinovic L, Fechner J, Schüttler J
A Semiphysiological Population Pharmacokinetic Model for Dynamic Inhibition of Liver and Gut Wall Cytochrome P450 3A by Voriconazole
Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Frechen S, Junge L, Saari TI, Suleiman AA, Rokitta D, Neuvonen PJ, Olkkola KT, Fuhr U
Electronic medical records for appropriate timing of arthroplasty
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Tirkkonen K, Hurme S, Rautava P, Virolainen P
The Effect of Expertise on Eye Movement Behaviour in Medical Image Perception
Bertram R, Helle L, Kaakinen JK, Svedström E
Analysis of total and unbound hydromorphone in human plasma by ultrafiltration and LC-MS/MS: Application to clinical trial in patients undergoing open heart surgery
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
Saari TI, Fechner J, Ihmsen H, Schuttler J, Jeleazcov C
Quality of life after surgery for rectal cancer with special reference to pelvic floor dysfunction
Colorectal Disease
Varpe P, Huhtinen H, Rantala A, Salminen P, Rautava P, Hurme S, Gronroos J
Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy without routine intraoperative cholangiography – a retrospective analysis of 1101 consecutive cases.
Scandinavian Journal of Surgery
Lill S, Rantala A, Pekkala E, Sarparanta H, Huhtinen H, Rautava P, Gronroos JM
Quality of Life Among Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients who have Undergone Endovascular or Surgical Revascularization: A Case-control Study
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Remes L, Isoaho R, Vahlberg T, Viitanen M, Rautava P
Quality of life three years after major lower extremity amputation due to peripheral arterial disease
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
Remes L, Isoaho R, Vahlberg T, Viitanen M, Rautava P
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