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A Comparison of Students' Conceptual Understanding of Electric Circuits in Simulation Only and Simulation-Laboratory Contexts
Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Tomi Jaakkola, Sami Nurmi, Koen Veermans
'Ain't nothin' like the real thing'. Motivation and study processes on a work-based project course in information systems design
British Journal of Educational Psychology
Helle L, Tynjala P, Olkinuora E, Lonka K
Cohort Profile: Steps to the Healthy Development and Well-being of Children (the STEPS Study)
International Journal of Epidemiology
Lagström Hanna, Rautava Päivi, Kaljonen Anne, Räihä Hannele, Pihlaja Päivi, Korpilahti Pirjo, Peltola Ville, Rautakoski Pirkko, Österbacka Eva, Simell Olli, Niemi Pekka
Combining heuristics and formal methods in a tool for supporting simulation-based discovery learning
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Koen Veermans, Wouter R. van Joolingen
Constructing a research-based program to improve primary school students’ reading comprehension skills
International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education
Tuula Merisuo-Storm, Marjaana Soininen
Do prior knowledge, personality and visual perceptual ability predict student performance in microscopic pathology?
Medical Education
Helle L, Nivala M, Kronqvist P, Ericsson KA, Lehtinen E
Enacted experiences: Analysing Drama in Entrepreneurship Training
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Hytti U, Nieminen L
Eye movements during Chinese reading
Journal of Research in Reading
Liversedge SP, Hyona J, Rayner K
Feelings of Wellbeing in Adolescents – A Cross-cultural Study of Finnish and Japanese Students
Journal of Teacher Education and Educators
Tuula Merisuo-Storm, Soili Keskinen, Mariko Matsumoto, Kikuyo Aoki, Misuzu Nagai
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