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The cleavage of RNA phosphodiester bonds by metal ions
Collection Symposium Series
Mikkola S, Kaukinen U, Zagorowska I, Lonnberg H
The ordered set of rough sets
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Järvinen J.
The significance of customer involvement in product development process
Sandberg Birgitta, Hurmerinta Leila, Nummela Niina
Teaching students to generate business ideas - focusing on student motivation and students teams
Hytti, U.; Stenholm, P.; Heinonen, J.; Seikkula-Leino, J.
The challenge of managing knowledge-based resources – a case study from software industry
Mäkitalo-Keinonen, T., Arenius, P., Laurell, J., Mäkinen, T., Varkoi, T.; Virolainen, H.
The finnish evoting experiment: what went wrong?
Heimo, O.; Fairweather, N. Ben; Kimppa, K.
The Interstellar Heliopause Probe/ Heliospheric Explorer: IHP/HEX
AIP Conference Proceedings
Wimmer-Schweingruber R F, McNutt R, Laitinen T, Valtonen E, Sreenivasan S, Ip W (The IHP/HEX team)
The life style of the youth, their every day life and relationships in Finland
Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences
Soininen M, Merisuo-Storm T
The necessary attributes of firm growth
Stenholm, P.; Toivonen, J.
Theorising from Case Studies: Towards a Pluralist Future for International Business Research
Piekkari, R.; Welch, C.; Plakoyiannaki, E.; Paavilainen-Mäntymäki, E.
Thermal Modelling of 3D Multicore Systems in a Flip-Chip Package
Vaddina K R, Mitra T, Liljeberg P, Plosila J
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