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När det privata blir offentligt. Referens till icke-närvarande familjemedlemmar i servicesamtal
Svenskans Beskrivning
Catrin Norrby, Jenny Nilsson, Camilla Wide, Jan Lindström
Need for eHealth Ethics
Minna M. Rantanen, Juhani Naskali, Jani Koskinen
Neural network hate deletion: Developing a machine learning model to eliminate hate from online comments
Joni Salminen, Juhani Luotolahti, Hind Almerekhi, Bernard J. Jansen, Soon-gyo Jung
Nivat’s conjecture holds for sums of two periodic configurations
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Michal Szabados
NOMeS: Near-Optimal Metaheuristic Scheduling for MPSoCs
Amin Majd, Masoud Daneshtalab, Juha Plosila, Nima Khalilzad, Golnaz Sahebi, Elena Troubitsyna
Nursing leaders' satisfaction with information systems in the day-to-day operations management in hospital units
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Laura-Maria Peltonen, Kristiina Junttila, Sanna Salanterä
Non-blocking BIST for continuous reliability monitoring of Networks-on-Chip
IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. Proceedings
Wang J., Huang L., Ebrahimi M., Li Q., Li G., Jantsch A.
National Report - Finland
Janne Salminen, Tomi Tuominen
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