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Nursing leaders' satisfaction with information systems in the day-to-day operations management in hospital units
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Laura-Maria Peltonen, Kristiina Junttila, Sanna Salanterä
Novelty in the flow of time – Taking a view from nowhere in an on-going present
Tor Hernes, Juha Laurila, Anni Paalumäki, Ida Danneskiold-Samsøe, Ansgar Ødegård
Novel Method for Real-Time Monitoring of Scale Control Products at the Site of Use.
J. Johnstone, S. Toivonen, R. Griffin, A. O'Brien, P. Mundill, J. Siivonen, P. Väisänen, S. Tiittanen, M. Lehmusto, H. Härmä, P. Hänninen, T. Teimonen
Novel feature descriptor based on microscopy image statistics
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
Bayramoglu N, Kannala J, Akerfelt M, Kaakinen M, Eklund L, Nees M, Heikkila J
Normal reflection at superconductor - normal metal interfaces due to Fermi surface mismatch
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Elina Tuuli, Kurt Gloos
Normalized Hubble Diagrams for Simulated Galaxy Groups
Nurmi P, Heinämäki P, Teerikorpi P, Chernin A
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