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From critters to cancers: bridging comparative and clinical research on oxygen sensing, HIF signaling, and adaptations towards hypoxia
Integrative and Comparative Biology
Hoogewijs D, Terwilliger NB, Webster KA, Powell-Coffman JA, Tokishita S, Yamagata H, Hankeln T, Burmester T, Rytkonen KT, Nikinmaa M, Abele D, Heise K, Lucassen M, Fandrey J, Maxwell RH, Pahlman S, Gorr TA
Fabry disease: a review of current management strategies
QJM: An International Journal of Medicine
Mehta A, Beck M, Eyskens F, Feliciani C, Kantola I, Ramaswami U, Rolfs A, Rivera A, Waldek S, Germain DP
Facilitated tucking as a non-pharmacological intervention for neonatal pain relief: is it clinically feasible?
Acta Paediatrica
Cignacco E, Axelin A, Stoffel L, Sellam G, Anand KJS, Engberg S
Fascism in Finland
Vares V
Fluorinase mediated chemoenzymatic synthesis of [18F]-fluoroacetate
Chemical Communications
Li X, Domarkas J, O’Hagan D
Foot health in older people and the nurses' role in foot health care-a review of literature
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Stolt M, Suhonen R, Voutilainen P, Leino-Kilpi H
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