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Circumpolar terrestrial arthropod monitoring: A review of ongoing activities, opportunities and challenges, with a focus on spiders
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment
Mark A. K. Gillespie, Matthias Alfredsson, Isabel C. Barrio, Joe Bowden, Peter Convey, Stephen J. Coulson, Lauren E. Culler, Martin T. Dahl, Kathryn M. Daly, Seppo Koponen, Sarah Loboda, Yuri Marusik, Jons P. Sandström, Derek S. Sikes, Jozef Slowik, Toke T. Høye
Coevolution of Genes and Culture in Man
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Petter Portin
Deep brain stimulation for monogenic Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review
Journal of Neurology
Tomi Kuusimäki, Jaana Korpela, Eero Pekkonen, Mika H. Martikainen, Angelo Antonini, Valtteri Kaasinen
Demographic and evolutionary trends in ovarian function and aging
Human Reproduction Update
Laisk T., Tšuiko O., Jatsenko T., Hõrak P., Otala M., Lahdenperä M., Lummaa V., Tuuri T., Salumets A., Tapanainen J.S.
Efficacy and acceptability of psychosocial interventions in asylum seekers and refugees: systematic review and meta-analysis
Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
Turrini G., Purgato M., Acarturk C., Anttila M., Au T., Ballette F., Bird M., Carswell K., Churchill R., Cuijpers P., Hall J., Hansen L.J., Kösters M., Lantta T., Nosè M., Ostuzzi G., Sijbrandij M., Tedeschi F., Välimäki M., Wancata J., White R., van Ommeren M., Barbui C.
Emotions as discrete patterns of systemic activity
Neuroscience Letters
Lauri Nummenmaa, Heini Saarimäki
Encountering sexual and gender minority youth in healthcare: an integrative review
Primary Health Care Research and Development
Minna Laiti, Anni Pakarinen, Heidi Parisod, Sanna Salanterä, Salla Sariola
Ethical Climate in Nursing Environment: A scoping review
Nursing Ethics
Koskenvuori J., Numminen O., Suhonen R.
Ethical issues in the care of patients with stroke: A scoping review
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Rannikko S., Stolt M., Suhonen R., Leino-Kilpi H.
Extragonadal FSHR Expression and Function – Is It Real?
Frontiers in Endocrinology
Chrusciel Marcin, Ponikwicka-Tyszko Donata, Wolczynski Slawomir, Huhtaniemi Ilpo, Rahman Nafis A.
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