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2016 ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure: The Task Force for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
Developed with the special contribution of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the ESC

European Heart Journal
Ponikowski P, Voors AA, Anker SD, Bueno H, Cleland JG, Coats AJ, Falk V, González-Juanatey JR, Harjola VP, Jankowska EA, Jessup M, Linde C, Nihoyannopoulos P, Parissis JT, Pieske B, Riley JP, Rosano GM, Ruilope LM,
Ruschitzka F, Rutten FH, van der Meer P; Authors/Task Force Members; Document Reviewers
3rd Annual FinnProt Meeting: from cells to systems.
Expert Review of Proteomics
Korolainen MA, Corthals GL, Kouvonen P, Kurkinen KM, Nyman TA
65 years of influenza surveillance by a World Health Organization-coordinated global network
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
Thedi Ziegler, Awandha Mamahit, Nancy J. Cox
Aatelin tutkimus Suomessa [Historiography of nobility in Finland]
Historiallinen Aikakauskirja
Ilmakunnas Johanna, Hakanen Marko, Lahtinen Anu, Snellman Alex
A Call for Pharmacogenovigilance and Rapid Falsification in the Age of Big Data: Why not First Road Test Your Biomarker?
Sardaş S, Endrenyi L, Gürsoy UK, Hutz M, Lin B, Patrinos GP, Steuten LM, Wang W, Warnich L, Ozdemir V.
Accounting, performance management systems and accountability changes in knowledge-intensive public organizations: A literature review and research agenda
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Giuseppe Grossi, Kirsi-Mari Kallio, Massimo Sargiacomo, Matti Skoog
Accuracy of ultrasonography in predicting vesicoureteral reflux in children: A meta-analysis
Scandinavian Journal of Urology
Mikhail Saltychev, Marko Tapani Ristola, Katri Laimi, Timo Hurme
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