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Children's poor toothbrushing behavior and mothers' assessment of dental health education at well-baby clinics
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Paunio P, Rautava P, Helenius H, Sillanpää M
Comprehensive geriatric assessment decreases prevalence of orthostatic hypotension in older persons
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
Lampela P, Lavikainen P, Huupponen R, Leskinen E, Hartikainen S
Dental fear and sense of coherence among 18-yr-old adolescents in Finland
European Journal of Oral Sciences
Jaakkola S, Rautava P, Saarinen M, Lahti S, Mattila ML, Suominen S, Raiha H, Aromaa M, Honkinen PL, Sillanpaa M
Dental fear: One single clinical question for measurement
Open Dentistry Journal
Jaakkola s, Rautava P, Alanen P, Aromaa M, Pienihäkkinen K, Räihä H, Vahlberg T, Mattila M-L, Sillanpää M.
Dental health behavior in fathers of young families in Finland
Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology
Desinfiointi voi olla terveysriski
Osto & Logistiikka
Häkkinen J, Posti A
Do Antenatal and Postnatal Parental Psychological Distress, and Recognized Need of Help Predict Preadolescent's Psychiatric Symptoms? The Finnish Family Competence Cohort Study
Child Psychiatry and Human Development
Pihlakoski L, Sourander A, Aromaa M, Ronning JA, Rautava P, Helenius H, Sillanpaa M
Does perceived work ability improve after a multidisciplinary preventive program in a population with no severe medical problems? The Finnish Public Sector Study.
Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health
Saltychev M, Laimi K, Oksanen T, Pentti J, Kivimäki M, Vahtera J
Early Childhood Psychological Problems Predict a Poor Sense of Coherence in Adolescents A 15-year Follow-up Study
Journal of Health Psychology
Honkinen PL, Aromaa M, Suominen S, Rautava P, Sourander A, Helenius H, Sillanpaa M
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