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Abundance and diversity of birch-feeding leafminers along latitudinal gradients in northern Europe
Kozlov MV, van Nieukerken EJ, Zverev V, Zvereva EL
Adiposity, compared with masculinity, serves as a more valid cue to immunocompetence in human mate choice
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Markus J Rantala, Vinet Coetzee, Fhionna R Moore, Ilona Skrinda, Sanita Kecko, Tatjana Krama, Inese Kivleniece, Indrikis Krams
Allochronic divergence and clonal succession: two microevolutionary processes sculpturing population structure of Brachionus rotifers
Papakostas S, Michaloudi E, Triantafyllidis A, Kappas I, Abatzopoulos TJ
Assessing heavy metal pollution using Great Tits (Parus major): feathers and excrements from nestlings and adults
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Costa RA, Eeva T, Eira C, Vaqueiro J, Vingada JV
Characterizing genic and nongenic molecular markers: Comparison of microsatellites and SNPs
Molecular Ecology Resources
Defaveri J, Viitaniemi H, Leder E, Merilä J
Chemical ecology mediated by fungal endophytes in grasses
Journal of Chemical Ecology
Saikkonen K, Gundel P, Helander M
Corticosterone secretion patterns prior to spring and autumn migration differ in free-living barn swallows (Hirundo rustica L.)
Raja-aho S, Lehikoinen E, Suorsa P, Nikinmaa M, Vainio M, Vosloo D, Eeva T
Cultural and climatic changes shape the evolutionary history of the Uralic languages
Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Honkola T, Vesakoski O, Korhonen K, Lehtinen J, Syrjänen K, Wahlberg N
Effects of changing climate on species diversification in tropical forest butterflies of the genus Cymothoe (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Van Velzen R, Wahlberg N, Sosef MSM, Bakker FT
Efficient analysis of ploidy levels in plant evolutionary ecology
Dirihan S, Terho P, Helander M, Saikkonen K
Endophytic fungi and silica content of different bamboo species in giant panda diet.
M Helander, R Jia, O Huitu, T N Sieber, J Jia, P Niemelä, K Saikkonen
Evolution of specialization under non-equilibrium population dynamics
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Tuomas Nurmi, Kalle Parvinen
Facial attractiveness is related to women's cortisol and body fat, but not with immune responsiveness
Biology Letters
Rantala MJ, Coetzee V, Moore FR, Skrinda I, Kecko S, Krama T, Kivleniece I, Krams I
Fish scales and SNP chips: SNP genotyping and allele frequency estimation in individual and pooled DNA from historical samples of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
BMC Genomics
Johnston SE, Lindqvist M, Niemela E, Orell P, Erkinaro J, Kent MP, Lien S, Vaha JP, Vasemagi A, Primmer CR
Fluctuating selection and immigration as determinants of the phenotypic composition of a population
Sirkiä PM, Virolainen M, Lehikoinen E, Laaksonen T
Fungal endophytes help prevent weed invasions
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
Saikkonen K, Ruokolainen K, Huitu O, Gundel PE, Piltti T, Hamilton CE, Helander M
Genetic Architecture of Parallel Pelvic Reduction in Ninespine Sticklebacks
Shikano T, Laine VN, Herczeg G, Vilkki J, Merila J
Ignored patterns in studies of local adaptations: When the grass is greener on the allopatric site
Ideas in Ecology and Evolution
Vesakoski Outi, Jormalainen Veijo
Impact of marine-subsidized predators on lemming-plant oscillations
Evolutionary Ecology Research
Oksanen T, Oksanen L, Söderbacka G, Hoset KS, Ruffino L, Tuomi M
Increasing vole numbers cause more lethal damage to saplings in tree monocultures than in mixed stands
Basic and Applied Ecology
Gilbert S, Martel J, Klemola T, Norrdahl K
Kasvien epifyyttiset ja endofyyttiset sienet
Helander M, Saikkonen K
Long-lasting effects of yolk androgens on phenotype in the pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca)
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
Ruuskanen S, Lehikoinen E, Nikinmaa M, Siitari H, Waser W, Laaksonen T
Major lineages of Nolidae (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea) elucidated by molecular phylogenetics
Zahiri R, Lafontaine JD, Holloway JD, Kitching IJ, Schmidt BC, Kaila L, Wahlberg N
Mate sampling and choosiness in the sand goby
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Lindström Kai, Lehtonen Topi K
Microgastrinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitizing Epirrita autumnata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) larvae in Fennoscandia with description of Cotesia autumnatae Shaw, sp n.
Entomologica Fennica
Kai Ruohomäki, Tero Klemola, Mark R Shaw, Niina Snäll, Ilari E Sääksjärvi, Anu Veijalainen, Niklas Wahlberg
Miksi kyy on musta?
Pälvi Salo
Non-systemic fungal endophytes in Festuca rubra plants infected by Epichloë festucae in subarctic habitats
Fungal Diversity
Iñigo Zabalgogeazcoa, Pedro E Gundel, Marjo Helander, Kari Saikkonen
Oxidative status in nestlings of three small passerine species exposed to metal pollution
Science of the Total Environment
Rainio MJ, Kanerva M, Salminen JP, Nikinmaa M, Eeva T
Physiological condition and blood parasites of breeding Great Tits: a comparison of core and northernmost populations
Journal of Ornithology
Tatjana Krama, Valērija Suraka, Markku Hukkanen, Seppo Rytkönen, Markku Orell, Dina Cīrule, Markus J Rantala, Indrikis Krams
Predation promotes survival of beetles with lower resting metabolic rates
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
Indrikis Krams, Inese Kivleniece, Aare Kuusik, Tatjana Krama, Raivo Mänd, Markus J Rantala, Santa Znotina, Todd M Freeberg, Marika Mänd
Predation selects for low resting metabolic rate and consistent individual differences in anti-predator behavior in a beetle
Acta ethologica
Indrikis Krams, Inese Kivleniece, Aare Kuusik, Tatjana Krama, Todd M Freeberg, Raivo Mänd, Jolanta Vrublevska, Markus J Rantala, Marika Mänd
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