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The breeding biology of the Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus in a marginal area of Finland
Bird Study
Veistola S, Lehikoinen E, Eeva T, Iso-Iivari L
Proportion of copepod biomass declines with decreasing salinity in the Baltic Sea
ICES Journal of Marine Science
Hänninen Jari, Vuorinen Ilppo, Viitasalo Markku, Helminen Ulla, Kuosa Harri
New World, but not Old World, monkeys carry several genes encoding beta-microseminoprotein
European Journal of Biochemistry
Makinen M, Valtonen-Andre V, Lundwall A
Biologian sanakirja
Tirri R, Lehtonen J, Lemmetyinen R, Pihakaski S, Portin P
Variation in climate warming along the migration route uncouples arrival and breeding dates
Global Change Biology
Ahola M, Laaksonen T, Sippola K, Eeva T, Rainio K, Lehikoinen E
Ascomycetes and anamorphic fungi growing on Plagiochila (Hepaticae) in Finland
Karstenia: the Mycological Journal
Tarja Marsh, Peter Döbbeler, Seppo Huhtinen, Soili Stenroos
Associations of plant fitness, leaf chemistry, and damage suggest selection mosaic in plant-herbivore interactions
Muola A, Mutikainen P, Lilley M, Laukkanen L, Salminen JP, Leimu R
Carotenoid Composition of Invertebrates Consumed by Two Insectivorous Bird Species
Journal of Chemical Ecology
Eeva T, Helle S, Salminen JP, Hakkarainen H
Comprehensive gene and taxon coverage elucidates radiation patterns in moths and butterflies
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Mutanen M, Wahlberg N, Kaila L
DNA-barcoding clarifies species definitions of Finnish Apatania (Trichoptera: Apataniidae)
Entomologica Fennica
Salokannnel J, Rantala MJ, Wahlberg N
Experimental test of parasitism hypothesis for population cycles of a forest lepidopteran
Klemola N, Andersson T, Ruohomäki K, Klemola T
Folivorous larvae on flowers: do autumnal moths benefit from catkins of the mountain birch?
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
Klemola T, Kaitaniemi P, Ruohomäki K
Genetic variation in herbivore resistance and tolerance: The role of plant life-history stage and type of damage
Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Muola A, Mutikainen P, Laukkanen L, Lilley M, Leimu R
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