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Dental health behavior in fathers of young families in Finland
Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology
Children's poor toothbrushing behavior and mothers' assessment of dental health education at well-baby clinics
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Paunio P, Rautava P, Helenius H, Sillanpää M
Effect of water storage on the elemental composition of E-glass surface: an ESCA study.
Journal of Dental Research
Tanner J, Laiho T, Laajalehto K, Vallittu PK
Surface analysis of Co-Cr-Mo alloy and Ti substrates silanized with trialkoxysilanes and silane mixtures
Surface and Interface Analysis
Matinlinna JP, Laajalehto K, Laiho T, Kangasniemi I, Lassila LVJ, Vallittu PK
Are signs of temporomandibular disorders stable and predictable in adolescents with headache?
Liljeström M-R, Le Bell Y, Laimi K, Anttila P, Aromaa M, Jämsä T, Metsähonkala L, Vahlberg T, Viander S, Alanen P, Sillanpää M
Dental fear: One single clinical question for measurement
Open Dentistry Journal
Jaakkola s, Rautava P, Alanen P, Aromaa M, Pienihäkkinen K, Räihä H, Vahlberg T, Mattila M-L, Sillanpää M.
Pienryhmäinterventiolla rohkeutta hammashoitoon
Suomen Hammaslääkärilehti
Jaakkola S, Miesvirta M, Räihä H, Vahlberg T, Myllymäki R, Luukkala-Wardi E, Saarni U-M, Rautava P
Short-term consumption of probiotic lactobacilli has no effect on acid production of supragingival plaque
Clinical Oral Investigations
Marttinen A, Haukioja A, Karjalainen S, Nylund L, Satokari R, Ohman C, Holgerson P, Twetman S, Soderling E
Accuracy of three-dimensional finite element modeling using two different dental cone beam computed tomography systems
Hasegawa A, Shinya A, Lassila LVJ, Yokoyama D, Nakasone Y, Vallittu PK, Shinya A
Biomateriaalit luuston korjauksessa
Puska M, Aho AJ, Vallittu PK
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