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Accuracy of three-dimensional finite element modeling using two different dental cone beam computed tomography systems
Hasegawa A, Shinya A, Lassila LVJ, Yokoyama D, Nakasone Y, Vallittu PK, Shinya A
Are signs of temporomandibular disorders stable and predictable in adolescents with headache?
Liljeström M-R, Le Bell Y, Laimi K, Anttila P, Aromaa M, Jämsä T, Metsähonkala L, Vahlberg T, Viander S, Alanen P, Sillanpää M
Biomateriaalit luuston korjauksessa
Puska M, Aho AJ, Vallittu PK
Bond strength of self-adhesive resin cements to dentin after antibacterial and chelating solution treatment
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Egilmez F, Ergun G, Cekic-Nagas I, Vallittu PK, Lassila LVJ
Children's poor toothbrushing behavior and mothers' assessment of dental health education at well-baby clinics
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Paunio P, Rautava P, Helenius H, Sillanpää M
Dental fear and sense of coherence among 18-yr-old adolescents in Finland
European Journal of Oral Sciences
Jaakkola S, Rautava P, Saarinen M, Lahti S, Mattila ML, Suominen S, Raiha H, Aromaa M, Honkinen PL, Sillanpaa M
Dental fear: One single clinical question for measurement
Open Dentistry Journal
Jaakkola s, Rautava P, Alanen P, Aromaa M, Pienihäkkinen K, Räihä H, Vahlberg T, Mattila M-L, Sillanpää M.
Dental health behavior in fathers of young families in Finland
Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology
Effect of carbodiimide (EDC) on the bond stability of etch-and-rinse adhesive systems
Dental Materials
Mazzoni A, Angeloni V, Apolonio FM, Scotti N, Tjäderhane L, Tezvergil-Mutluay A, Di Lenarda R, Tay FR, Pashley DH, Breschi L
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