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Observation of Crystalline Oxidized Silicon Phase
Advanced Materials Interfaces
Kuzmin M., Lehtiö J.-P., Mäkelä J., Yasir M., Rad Z.J., Vuorinen E., Lahti A., Punkkinen M., Laukkanen P., Kokko K., Hedman H.-P., Punkkinen R., Lastusaari M., Repo P., Savin H.
Occlusal traits of 4–5-year-old Estonians. Parents' perception of orthodontic treatment need and satisfaction with dental appearance
Clinical and Experimental Dental Research
Sepp H., Saag M., Vinkka-Puhakka H., Svedström-Oristo A., Peltomäki T.
Occlusal traits, orthodontic treatment need and treatment complexity among untreated 17–21-year-olds in Estonia
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Sepp H., Saag M., Peltomäki T., Vinkka-Puhakka H., Svedström-Oristo A.
Occurrence of newly discovered human polyomaviruses in skin of liver transplant recipients and their relation with squamous cell carcinoma in situ and actinic keratosis – a single-center cohort study
Transplant International
Wang Y., Keinonen A., Koskenmies S., Pitkänen S., Fyhrquist N., Sadeghi M., Mäkisalo H., Söderlund-Venermo M., Hedman K.
Occurrence of sul and tet(M) genes in bacterial community in Japanese marine aquaculture environment throughout the year: Profile comparison with Taiwanese and Finnish aquaculture waters
Science of the Total Environment
Suzuki S, Nakanishi S, Tamminen M, Yokokawa T, Sato-Takabe Y, Ohta K, Chou HY, Muziasari WI, Virta M
Odor-contributing volatile compounds of wild edible Nordic mushrooms analyzed with HS–SPME–GC–MS and HS–SPME–GC–O/FID
Food Chemistry
Aisala Heikki, Sola Juha, Hopia Anu, Linderborg Kaisa M., Sandell Mari
Oligonucleotide-Palladacycle Conjugates as Splice-Correcting Agents
Hande M, Saher O, Lundin KE, Smith CIE, Zain R, Lonnberg T
Oligophosphine-thiocyanate Copper(I) and Silver(I) Complexes and Their Borane Derivatives Showing Delayed Fluorescence
Inorganic Chemistry
Chakkaradhari G., Eskelinen T., Degbe C., Belyaev A., Melnikov A.S., Grachova E.V., Tunik S.P., Hirva P., Koshevoy I.O.
One-session cognitive behavior treatment for long-term frequent attenders in primary care: randomized controlled trial
Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care
Luutonen Sinikka, Santalahti Anne, Mäkinen Mia, Vahlberg Tero, Rautava Päivi
Online hate ratings vary by extremes: A statistical analysis
Salminen J., Almerekhi H., Kamel A., Jung S., Jansen B.
Online scaffolding in digital open badge-driven learning
Educational Research
Brauer Sanna, Korhonen Anne-Maria, Siklander Pirkko
On winning shifts of marked uniform substitutions
RAIRO: Informatique Théorique et Applications / RAIRO: Theoretical Informatics and Applications
Peltomäki Jarkko, Salo Ville
Opas Spinozan etiikkaan
Juhani Pietarinen
Opas tekoälyn etiikkaan
Atte Ojanen, Nea Oljakka, Otto Sahlgren, Anne-Marie Tuikka, Juho Vaiste
Opinnäytteet: kulttuurihistoria
Kaartinen Marjo
Opportunity recognition in a hub-governed network – insights from garage services
International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
Tanja Lepistö, Tiina Mäkitalo-Keinonen, Tiina Valjakka
Optimal sustainable harvesting of populations in random environments
Stochastic Processes and their Applications
Alvarez E. L., Hening A.
Optimized reference spectrum for rating the impact sound insulation of concrete floors
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Kylliäinen M., Virjonen P., Hongisto V.
Optimizing atomic structures through geno-mathematical programming
Communications in Computational Physics
Lahti A., Östermark, Kokko K.
OSATA - Osaamispolkuja tulevaisuuteen
Anne Nieminen, Sari Miettinen
Outcomes of treatment of faecal incontinence with sacral nerve stimulation - a Finnish multicentre study
Colorectal Disease
Kirss J Jr, Pinta T, Varpe P, Rautio T, Kairaluoma M, Hyöty M, Hurme S, Böckelman C, Kairaluoma V, Salmenkylä S, Victorzon M
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