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Co-creating a brand ecosystem in tourism destinations - A case study from three networks
(Presentation at the XIII Symposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research 2021)

List of AuthorsLemmetyinen Arja, Nieminen Lenita, Lepistö Tanja

Conference nameSymposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research

Publication year2021


The purpose of this research is to build an understanding of brand ecosystem co-creation in the context of tourism destinations by applying a multidimensional BRICK framework (benefits, risks, interaction, coordination and keenness). The study focuses on each of the aspects encompassed in the BRICK framework as they affect the members of business networks in the co-creation of a brand ecosystem and when conducting their business under a joint brand. The research identifies value-co-creation processes that enhance the distinctive place branding of a region. It does so by examining three Finnish cases. The results of our analysis show the importance of systematically and comprehensively mapping the branding process so that the outcomes of co-creation become visible, and are therefore more likely to be perceived as rewards rather than as risks. This study contributes to the under-studied area of academic literature on brand ecosystems. The results of the study demonstrate the important role of different stakeholders in co-creating the brand ecosystem, and in so doing highlight the role of all relevant stakeholders, also beyond the representatives of companies and their customers.  

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