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How to not lose oneself: the case for relational identity in collaborative supply relationships
(Presentation at the 33rd Annual NOFOMA Conference 2021)

List of Authors: Rintala Oskari

Conference name: Annual NOFOMA Conference

Publication year: 2021

Book title *: The 33rd ANNUAL NOFOMA CONFERENCE 28 – 30 September: Book of Abstracts

URL: https://nofoma.hi.is/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/NOFOMA_BOA_2021.pdf


Researchers have for long stressed the importance of identity as a self-defining aspect of social actors, and it has been suggested that collaborating groups benefit from establishing a shared identity between them. This, however, poses a challenge related to a fundamental psychological need to maintain distinctiveness of identities. I apply the theory of intergroup leadership based on the concept of relational identity to address the problem of identity threats in supply chain collaboration and develop understanding regarding identity in the context.

The conceptual research builds on and extends previous views on identity in interorganizational contexts. Relational identity theorizing is applied to build understanding on relational supply chain identity.

Identity and identification are essential mechanisms of interorganizational activity. Supply chain collaboration is better understood when considered with relation to the intergroup identities among supply chains and networks.

Research limitations/implications
Future studies could support the theoretical suggestions with empirical evidence.

Practical implications
Interorganizational relationships in supply chains could be better managed by following suggestions on identity management in the context. In particular, managers should pay attention to the nature of collaborative supply relationships and use due rhetoric to manage them.

This study contributes to a call for a better understanding of the relational aspects of supply chains by adapting social psychological theories to study the context. The interdisciplinary approach builds knowledge about supply chain identity and its significance in business practice.

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