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Parametrization and Optimization of Gaussian Non-Markovian Unravelings for Open Quantum Dynamics

Julkaisun tekijät: Megier Nina, Strunz Walter T, Viviescas Carlos, Luoma Kimmo


Julkaisuvuosi: 2018

Journal: Physical Review Letters

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimi: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS

Lehden akronyymi: PHYS REV LETT

Volyymi: 120

Julkaisunumero: 15

Sivujen määrä: 6

ISSN: 0031-9007


We derive a family of Gaussian non-Markovian stochastic Schrodinger equations for the dynamics of open quantum systems. The different unravelings correspond to different choices of squeezed coherent states, reflecting different measurement schemes on the environment. Consequently, we are able to give a single shot measurement interpretation for the stochastic states and microscopic expressions for the noise correlations of the Gaussian process. By construction, the reduced dynamics of the open system does not depend on the squeezing parameters. They determine the non-Hermitian Gaussian correlation, a wide range of which are compatible with the Markov limit. We demonstrate the versatility of our results for quantum information tasks in the non-Markovian regime. In particular, by optimizing the squeezing parameters, we can tailor unravelings for improving entanglement bounds or for environment-assisted entanglement protection.

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