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Impact of combined consumption of fish oil and probiotics on the serum metabolome in pregnant women with overweight or obesity

List of Authors: Mokkala Kati, Vahlberg Tero, Houttu Noora, Koivuniemi Ella, Lahti Leo, Laitinen Kirsi

Publication year: 2021

Journal: EBioMedicine

Journal name in source: EBioMedicine

Journal acronym: EBioMedicine

Volume number: 73

ISSN: 2352-3964

eISSN: 2352-3964


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Background: If a pregnant woman is overweight, this can evoke metabolic alterations that may have health consequences for both mother and child.

Methods: Pregnant women with overweight/obesity (n = 358) received fish oil+placebo, probiotics+placebo, fish oil+probiotics or placebo+placebo from early pregnancy onwards. The serum metabolome was analysed from fasting samples with a targeted NMR-approach in early and late pregnancy. GDM was diagnosed by OGTT.

Findings: The intervention changed the metabolic profile of the women, but the effect was influenced by their GDM status. In women without GDM, the changes in nine lipids (FDR<0.05) in the fish oil+placebo-group differed when compared to the placebo+placebo-group. The combination of fish oil and probiotics induced changes in more metabolites, 46 of the lipid metabolites differed in women without GDM when compared to placebo+placebo-group; these included reduced increases in the concentrations and lipid constituents of VLDL-particles and less pronounced alterations in the ratios of various lipids in several lipoproteins. In women with GDM, no differences were detected in the changes of any metabolites due to any of the interventions when compared to the placebo+placebo-group (FDR<0.05).

Interpretation: Fish oil and particularly the combination of fish oil and probiotics modified serum lipids in pregnant women with overweight or obesity, while no such effects were seen with probiotics alone. The effects were most evident in the lipid contents of VLDL and LDL only in women without GDM.

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