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Student-to-student hand-on-shoulder touch as an embodied response to reproach and critical teacher evaluation

Julkaisun tekijätTainio Liisa, Heinonen Pilvi



JournalLinguistics and Education

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimiLINGUISTICS AND EDUCATION

Lehden akronyymiLINGUIST EDUC


Sivujen määrä13






This article explores embodied responses to teacher reproaches during classroom interaction. Drawing on multimodal conversation analysis as a method, the analysis focuses on teacher-initiated reproach sequences and particularly on the specific touch type that is produced within the sequence: student-to student hand-on-shoulder touch. In the analyzed sequences, the teacher reproach or critical evaluation is addressed to an individual student who responds to it verbally and through embodied orientation followed by an embodied response, a hand-on-shoulder touch by a student located close to the addressed student. By constructing an embodied response with recycled touch type that is frequently used by teachers for pedagogical purposes, the student that uses the hand-on-shoulder touch orients to a dual role in classroom interaction: first to the academic aspect of the student role by following the teacher agenda, and second to the aspect of peer relations and social bonding by teasing and displaying compassion towards the reproached student.

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