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Episodic memory and cortical amyloid pathology: PET study in cognitively discordant twin pairs

List of Authors: Lindgren Noora, Kaprio Jaakko, Karjalainen Tomi, Ekblad Laura, Helin Semi, Karrasch Mira, Teuho Jarmo, Rinne Juha O, Vuoksimaa Eero


Publication year: 2021

Journal: Neurobiology of Aging

Journal name in source: NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING

Journal acronym: NEUROBIOL AGING

Volume number: 108

Number of pages: 11

ISSN: 0197-4580

eISSN: 1558-1497



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We studied the association between episodic memory and cortical fibrillar beta-amyloid pathology within twin pairs. Using telephone-administered cognitive screening of 1415 twin pairs in a population-based older Finnish Twin Cohort study, we identified 45 (mean [SD] age 72.9 [4.0] years, 40% women) cognitively discordant same-sex twin pairs (24 dizygotic and 21 monozygotic) without neurological or psychiatric disorders other than AD or mild cognitive impairment. In-person neuropsychological testing was conducted. Cortical amyloid was measured with carbon 11-labelled Pittsburgh compound B ([11C]PiB) positron emission tomography imaging and quantified as the average standardized uptake value ratio in cortical regions affected in AD. Larger within-twin pair differences in verbal immediate (r = -0.42) and delayed free recall (r = -0.41), and visual delayed free recall (r = -0.46) were associated with larger within-twin pair differences in [11C]PiB uptake (p's < 0.01). Correlations were not significantly different in dizygotic and monozygotic pairs suggesting that the episodic memory-cortical amyloid relationship is not confounded by genetic effects. However, larger samples are needed to draw more definitive conclusions. (C) 2021 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc.

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