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Analysis of optical solitons solutions of two nonlinear models using analytical technique

List of Authors: Ullah Naeem, Asjad Muhammad Imran, Iqbal Azhar, Ur Rehman Hamood, Hassan Ahmad, Gia Tuan Nguyen

Publisher: American Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Publication year: 2021

Journal: AIMS Mathematics

Journal name in source: AIMS Mathematics

Volume number: 6

Issue number: 12

ISSN: 2473-6988

eISSN: 2473-6988

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3934/math.2021767


Looking for the exact solutions in the form of optical solitons of nonlinear partial differential equations has become very famous to analyze the core structures of physical phenomena. In this paper, we have constructed some various type of optical solitons solutions for the Kaup-Newell equation (KNE) and Biswas-Arshad equation (BAE) via the generalized Kudryashov method (GKM). The conquered solutions help to understand the dynamic behavior of different physical phenomena. These solutions are specific, novel, correct and may be beneficial for edifying precise nonlinear physical phenomena in nonlinear dynamical schemes. Graphical recreations for some of the acquired solutions are offered.

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