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Mapping power in cyberspace

List of Authors: Korhonen Outi, Markovich Ekaterina

Edition name or number: 2nd edition

Publication year: 2021

Book title *: Research Handbook on International Law and Cyberspace

Title of series: Research Handbooks in International Law

ISBN: 978-1-78990-424-6

eISBN: 978-1-78990-425-3




​​​​​​​This chapter contributes towards our understanding of power dynamics in cyberspace by mapping its terrain, actors and structures. It argues that cyberspace is utterly different yet totally intertwined with our ‘real world’ space. The algorithms and codes that structure the functions of cyberspace separate the valuable from the valueless by data mining, grading systems and indicator-based calculi. The results are used in everyday eligibility decisions for educational institutions, insurance, credit, employment, housing and many more. These classifications exacerbate societal inequalities and polarisation and subordinate those humans and objects that it finds less valuable. This chapter holds that by familiarising ourselves with the concepts, actors, structures, debates and even wars of cyberspace, we have a better chance to find the levers of influence and cease some of the power that works within cyberspace.

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