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The Case Against Ripple: Microhistories of Cases in the Blockchain Space

List of Authors: Korhonen Outi, Rantala Juho

Publisher: CleanApp Foundation

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Crypto law review

Journal acronym: CLR

Issue number: 5.9.2021

eISSN: 2689-9612



The SEC case against Ripple and its co-founders allegedly determines the future of crypto regulation at large and, in particular, the future of digital assets and blockchain technology policy in the United States. As 95% of SEC claims end in settlement between the agency and the company under scrutiny, it is much more likely than not that Ripple Labs will also settle. It is predicted that discovery and depositions will continue throughout the fall of 2021 and a settlement would be possible some time in 2022.

The story behind the case is one of Silicon valley innovation, the paradoxical position of blockchain innovations in-between providing for global decentralization of financial power and making centralized financial institutions yet more efficient and controlling, the United States’ technology policy, and the individuals at Ripple Labs and at the SEC, some of the latter having interests in rival blockchain projects, like Ethereum.

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