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In- and out-groups across cultures: Identities and perceived group values

Julkaisun tekijätHitlin Steven, Kwon Hye Won, Firat Rengin



JournalSocial Science Research

Tietokannassa oleva lehden nimiSocial science research

Lehden akronyymiSoc Sci Res





Distinguishing and privileging one's in-groups from out-groups appears to be a human universal, though theories about why and how this happens diverge. This paper contributes to understanding these processes by adding cross-cultural, ecological validity to a demographic understanding of a) which in- and out-groups are prevalent in four distinct societies and b) discernible patterns in the values that members of these groups are perceived to hold. Our results suggest that respondents see in-groups, often their family, as conventionally moral (caring for others) across societies, while typically perceiving a range of disparate out-groups as hedonistic and self-serving. We find both commonalities and distinctions in third-order beliefs ('what I believe they believe') across four samples, yet all highlight one axis of Schwartz's value scheme capturing conventional morality as central for feelings of affiliation with in-groups and 'othering' for out-groups.

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