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Play! A Special Issue

List of Authors: Bem Caroline, Paasonen Susanna

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Sexualities



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as it relates to video games in particular, has received increasing attention
over the past decade in studies of games and play, even as the notion of play
remains relatively underexplored within sexuality studies. This special issue
asks what shift is effected when sexual
representation, networked forms of connecting and relating, and the
experimentation with sexual likes are approached though the notion of play. Bringing
together the notions of sex and play, it both foregrounds the role of
experimentation and improvisation in sexual pleasure practices and inquires
after the rules and norms that these are embedded in.

Contributors to this special issue combine the
study of sexuality with diverse theoretical conceptions of play in order to
explore the entanglements of affect, cognition, and the somatic in sexual
lives, broadening current understandings of how these are lived through
repetitive routines and improvisational sprees alike. In so doing, they focus
on the specific sites and scenes where sexual play unfolds (from constantly
morphing online pornographic archives to on- and offline party spaces, dungeons,
and saunas), while also attending to the props and objects of play (from sex toys
and orgasmic vocalizations to sensation-enhancing chemicals and pornographic
imageries), as well as the social and technological settings where these
activities occur. This introduction offers a brief overview of the rationale of
thinking sex in and as play, before presenting the articles that make up this
special issue.

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