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Investigative Activities as a Basis for Integrating Pre-primary Craft, Technology and Science Education

List of Authors: Yliverronen Virpi, Kangas Kaiju, Rönkkö Marja-Leena

Publisher: Universitetsbiblioteket OsloMet

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Techne Series: Research in Sloyd Education and Craft Science A

Volume number: 28

Issue number: 2

eISSN: 1893-1774

URL: https://journals.oslomet.no/index.php/techneA/article/view/4317


The aim of this study is to explore the integration of pre-primary craft, technology, and science education. Inquiry-based approaches and hands-on activities are common modes of teaching within these learning areas in pre-primary education. Referring to the way young children act in a learning context, the term ‘investigative activities’ has been used to describe the combination of inquiry-based and hands-on activities, such as designing and crafting. However, few studies have focused on the possibilities of integrating different joint objectives in pre-primary education. This paper presents an initial set of investigative activities that create the integrative basis for pre-primary craft, technology, and science education, and further, opens up the activities with a pedagogical example. With these activities, the three learning areas form an integrative, holistic learning project, supporting children to understand their natural and man-made environments and become active creators within these environments.

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