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Navigating the challenges in the transfer between experiential and formal learning in entrepreneurship

List of Authors: Peura Kirsi, Aaltonen Satu

Publisher: Opetus-, kasvatus- ja koulutusalojen säätiö – OKKA-säätiö sr.

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Ammattikasvatuksen Aikakauskirja

Volume number: 23

Issue number: 1

URL: https://journal.fi/akakk/article/view/107445


This study focuses on recognition of
prior learning and the accreditation of learning demonstrated in some other
manner, and investigates how university teachers accept, resist and negotiate
transfer between experiential and formal learning in entrepreneurship. This is
done in order to add new knowledge in this under-theorized area and to provide
insight about recognition and accreditation of learning that still remain
underutilized practices in entrepreneurship. Through discursive approach, the
study analyzes personal and group interviews done in 2018-2019 with 56 teachers
from 24 Finnish universities. According to the analysis, the teachers mobilise
three main discourses when rationalizing the applicability of practices related
to recognition and accreditation of learning in entrepreneurship: ‘good
teacherhood’, ‘disciplinary’ and ‘university’ discourse. The findings
highlight, that recognition and accreditation of learning are not merely
assessment-based practi ces. Instead, they challenge the teachers’ ideas about
learning, university’s role and the epistemic questions in entrepreneurship.
Accordingly, universities should engage teachers in broader discussion about
recognition and accreditation of learning, when aiding their adoption in universities.
Keywords: recognition of prior learning, RPL, accreditation of learning,
studification, entrepreneurship, higher education, discourse analysis,

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