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Pathways between Housing and Homelessness of Young Income Support Recipients in Helsinki, Finland

List of Authors: Niemi Veera, Ahola Elina

Publisher: European Observatory on Homelessness

Place: Brussels

Publication year: 2017

Journal: European journal of homelessness

Volume number: 11

Issue number: 2

eISSN: 2030-3106


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This study analyses the pathways between housing and homelessness of young income support recipients in Helsinki. The data used is unique
in the Nordic and European context. The data covers all young (19-27 years at
the end of 2008) single people in Helsinki, who received income support for
at least one month during 2008-2010. Subgroups of the homeless young
adults, based on the duration of homelessness and the stability of the
homeless pathway, were compared against several psycho-social factors. The
study adds to knowledge about young homeless recipients of income support
in Helsinki, and participates in the academic debate about methods for quantifying homelessness.

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