A1 Journal article – refereed

#MarchForOurLives: Tweeted Teen Voices in Online News

List of Authors: Cheas Kirsi, Juvonen Noora, Kannisto Maiju

Publisher: #ISOJ Journal 2020

Publication year: 2020

Journal: #ISOJ Journal

Volume number: 10

Issue number: 1

URL: https://isoj.org/journal/volume-10-number-1-issue-of-the-isoj-journal/


February 2018, a school shooting in Parkland, Florida led to a new student
movement advocating for stricter gun laws. This article examines the ways in
which the Generation Parkland have transformed public discussion on gun
violence through Twitter activism. Our concept of Generation Parkland provides
a means to capture the combination of experiences, skills and attitudes that
identify the driving forces behind the Parkland #activism. On the one hand, we
analyze the ways in which the use of tweets in online news has challenged the
existing power hierarchies. On the other, we examine how journalistic practices
and ideologies at the same time shape the sourcing and framing of news on youth
activism and gun laws. We found that in most media, the young age of the
Generation Parkland did not undermine their credibility, and their Twitter and
other social media activism was taken seriously, as manifested in the
substantial share of integrated tweets within the coverage. However, the
ideological biases of the media have continued to affect coverage and play a
role in the framing process, and we argue that there are still generational
power hierarchies that shape the mediated voice of the Generation Parkland.

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